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The Undergod

Book III in the Godsfall Trilogy

Nekiel has fallen, his blood darkening the Wintersea, but victory came at great price. Knightswrath lies shattered. Many of Rowen’s trusted allies have been slain. Hatred of magic spreads once again, this time in the form of the Inquisition. A true dragon, the first seen in ages, has been unleashed, and her great wings sow panic as they blot out the sun. But these troubles pale before an even deadlier truth: Nekiel was merely the puppet of Fohl, the sinister Undergod, who has already claimed a new host. Now, a war-weary Rowen must hunt this new dark disciple, even as the Inquisition stalks his allies, and the Undergod proves to be the cruelest adversary Rowen has ever faced.

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